The Dybdahl Co. – Crows

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The Dybdahl Co. – Crows

Mål : 61*61cm

The large-billed crow (Corvus macrorhynchos), formerly widely referred to as the jungle crow, is a widespread Asian species of crows. It is very adaptable and is able to survive on a wide range of food sources, making it capable of colonizing new areas, due to which it is often considered a nuisance, especially on islands.

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The Dybdahl Co. – Crows

At The Dybdahl Co., we are heritage adventurers. We find material and inspiration from prints in rare books and hidden galleries, archives, libraries and museums. We have collections from known and unknown artists and biologists, but common for them all: They all have a vintage, poetic look and a modern, Scandinavian touch.

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