Madstitch – White Woman – Fine Art Print

Mål: A4

199,00 kr.

Madstitch – White Woman – fine art print


About Madstitch

Ditte Sørensen aka Madstitch graduated from Håndarbejdets Fremme in 2011 and has since then had an extensive production of both commissioned assignments and exhibitions with her own works. After her formal education, Ditte was trained by textile artist Charlotte Yde, where Ditte discovered her passion for the textile art, which has subsequently become her trademark.

Ditte Sørensen's style is experimental and with a strong eye for materials and details. Her talent for the fleeting and feminine emerges especially in the encounter with the subtle and often humorous. Always narrative and brave. Ditte creates things you have not seen before.

The technique is freehand embroidery on a sewing machine made of textile, paper or water-soluble fabric.

Ditte conveys stories and she is not afraid to use herself in her art. In fact, she herself says that art is something she does for her own sake.

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