Forlaget Albert - Small people, big dreams book - David Bowie


Dimension : 12,5 * 15,5 cm

Age : from 5 years

Illustration Ana Albero


Here is the book about David Bowie, one of the greatest musicians ever.

David was a "star man" from an early age. Already in school he stood out, made a name for himself in dance and music and formed his own band early on. As an adult, he became a famous musician and magical performer who seduced his audience with gripping songs, sumptuous costumes and a sensational stage performance.

Following the inspiring tale of Bowie's life, there is a short section with facts and photos.

149,00 DKK

Forlaget Albert - Small people, big dreams book - David Bowie


About Forlaget Albert

At Forlaget Albert, they work with high - quality children's books. They go for the good stories, the beautiful illustrations and not least the excellent book craftsmanship. A children's book should feel good in every way.

The best children's books are magical. They create atmosphere, inspiration and good conversations between children and adults. And there can not be too many such books.

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