January 22, 2022


After Mr. Maduro has wandered around in the gray corridors of the retail industry, he suddenly sees the light, in the form of an empty room in Nansensgade.

Here Mr. Maduro also meets the love of his life and together they raise their love-child, shop Maduro * at Frederiksborggade 39, based on their common motto:

"Good style is more than decor and design."

Good style is inseparable with good karma, and should both be weighted higher than decor.

Without this combination, there is nothing.

The story behind the name

Many of our customers find it difficult to pronounce the name Maduro:

Is it Ma-durum, Panduro, Mad-uro or how do you pronounce it correctly? And what does the word mean in general?

It is pronounced Ma- du- roand has nothing to do with food hung on strings or a particular type of durum roll.

The name is actually a surname derived from the West Indies.

The story of the name goes like this....
Once upon a time a soldier went on service in the West Indies in the Caribbean, which was then a Danish colony.

Vilhelm Bartholin Tuxen, as the brave soldier was called, met at this time a beautiful African woman, with the Danish first name Caroline Amalie.

It was common at that time to give the slaves Danish first names, while they were allowed to keep their last names; Caroline Amalie's last name was Maduro.

During his time on the islands, Vilhelm and Caroline fell head over heels in love with each other, and had a son named Bartholin Christian Maduro Tuxen.

This Cristian is my great-grandfather. I later found out that the word Maduro also means "mature" and is a very common surname / middle name in Spain.

Maduro is thus a family name that testifies to a love story, and which has found its way down through the generations and out on our store sign.

This is the story behind the name, but I really just think that Maduro sounded great… ..So therefore:


"The Mature" - Jeppe Maduro Hirsch, owner of Maduro *